Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dancing Sensation!

So today after school I decided to give mommy a bit of a run for her money. She was trying to cook dinner and empty the dishwasher and stuff and I was like, "Come on Mommy, pay attention to ME" so I kept trying to crawl in the dishwasher and open the drawer under the oven. Then I discovered the dishtowel drawer. Boy, was that fun! I kept emptying it out and Mommy kept fixing it. We did this over and over again till Mommy kind of got sick of the game. But then...she came up with a great idea!!!! Mommy wheeled my new highchair into the kitchen and plopped me in it. Then she put on the music station real loud and started singing to me. I mean she went all out and sang into the spatula and stuff. At first I was like whaaaat???? What is this woman doing and what am I listening to? I usually am a Wiggles fan myself, but this oldies station she had on was really pretty good. Mommy sang me this song called "I Got You Babe" and thought it was perfect for us. You know we are like peas and carrots right? Anyway, I got really into it and started dancing around. Then this song "Rockin Robin" came on and my mommy got really nuts. She was dancing all around and made me laugh like crazy! (I think she thinks all this dancing around will get her to loose those last 5 pounds!!!) Anyway, finally my absolute fave came on..."Summer in the City" I showed mommy my singing during this one. We had such fun that I ate up all my dinner and asked for more! This singing and dancing stuff sure was fun but super tiring as well! ~drools and smiles...Jack xoxo

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