Friday, July 10, 2009

Ecze WHAT?

The rash Mommy thought I had from sunscreen or from eating real people food is eczema! What the...How did I get that? It is really not cool. I have these yucky looking bumps in clusters on my arms, shoulders, behind my knees, and a few on my back. Mommy feels real bad about it because she didn't take me to the doctor till today. Hello worries! Luckily these bumpy things don't hurt or itch me at all. They are just ugly. Thank goodness my friend Natalie's mommy suggested eczema to my mommy yesterday. She had it too! My doc wanted to perscribe me a steroid foam but mommy wasn't really into that. Instead we are giving Aquaphor, Aveeno baby wash, and Aveeno bath treatments a try. Hopefully this will "nip it in the bud"...whatever that means! ~ drools and smiles...Jack xoxo

1 comment:

  1. I'm so sorry about that Jack! I am sure it will clear up in no time. I could never use the word ugly with anything to do with such a handsome boy! You have a great Mommy and Daddy there taking care of you. Besides... baths are fun! :)