Monday, July 13, 2009

Good Times

Who knew a baby could have so many friends? Last week I went to my friend Nat Nat's house. We were going to go swimming but it was too cool. Instead we had some lunch and played together. You know, we are going to go to the prom together in 16 years! Aren't I lucky...Nat Nat is an older women!!! Saturday night mommy, daddy, and I went to my friend Frankie's house. He is older than me too and told me he would teach me the ropes as I grow up. Frankie let me use all his toys and everything...I even went in his crib for like 10 minutes! (Who was Mommy kidding? Did she really think I would nap when so much fun was going on around me?) We had a good much so that I didn't get back to my house till 1AM. Yikes...that was late. I took lots of naps the next day. Can you say TIRED?

Tomorrow I am going to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a few days again. Fun Fun Fun! I am hoping I can get some swimming in ~ I need to get ready for OBX. (I still don't know what OBX is though!) ~ drools and smiles...Jack xoxo
Green FAV! (Mommy says these kind of pictures are only cute if it is your baby!)
Um Mom...could I have a little privacy when I blog?
My friend Frankie
p.s. If you comment can you please write your name? I would love to know who all these anonymous people are!


  1. Hey there, Jack! You seem to be quite the social butterfly, just like Mommy and Daddy. I have to admit that several of the anonymous comments may have come from me, Aunt Liss. I was trying not to add too much pressure... I can see the paparazzi are taking pics of you left and right! You look like such a big boy sitting up on the sofa next to Frankie! (Shhh...Don't tell Mommy I said that though... We Mommies don't necessarily like to hear those yucky words.) Anyway, I am glad to see that big smile of yours all over this page. I can tell our Jack's loving this journey. Love, Your Fan, Aunt Liss :)

  2. Oh Jack, Uncle James loves green beans too...and sometimes I get it all over my face just like you. Must run in the family!

  3. Hi Jack - Grandma is just so happy to have you visit me. Now that Great Grandma is back in her own home, I will have more time so we can spend the summer hours just watching the fire flies pass us by. I really enjoy your little blog and with having Mommy for a teacher,of course you are gifted.