Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Swimming with Matthew

Today I went swimming in my bud Matthew's pool. It was GREAT! The water was really warm and I stayed in for a real long time. Mommy sang to me in the pool and swished me around in the water. I even splashed and kicked my feet. Mommy thinks I might be a natural. I probably am...after all, I am a genius!

Today was a lot of fun! It was also a little sad too though. You see, my bud Matthew's Mommy has to go back to work next week. Today was our last play date. I know we will hang out again on the weekends and stuff but it's just not the same. Mommy is sad too. She is going to miss these play dates just like me. She is also sad because she knows the summer is winding down and she will be at work soon. :(

Enough of this sad stuff...I will make Mommy cry (AGAIN) if I keep talking about September. Anyway...OBX is right around the corner. Mommy finally told me what that is...the beach! I am totally excited! I can't wait to show off my super swimming and give Uncle Ken and Aunt Bridget big kisses (I haven't seen them in awhile!) I am also looking forward to seeing Uncle Rich and Aunt Sunday again and of course hanging out with ♥ Grandma and Grandpa ♥ ! It is going to be a blast! ~ drools and smiles...Jack xoxo

p.s. I love you Uncle Ken...hope you did well today and good luck tomorrow! (He is taking something called the bar. Not sure what that is but I know that it is kind of stressful. I am sure he will do super though...you know, he's a genius too!)

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  1. Oh Jack... you and Daddy are going to have to go very easy on Mommy when September comes around, but tell Mommy that it will be just the next step in your adventure together! You will both be as fabulous as you have been so far on your journey...