Friday, July 31, 2009

T - 2 DAYS

T minus 2 days till the beach! I can't wait to hang out and relax by the pool and see the ocean for the first time!!! Here is the house we will be staying in. Murphy is coming along with us... it is his first trip to the beach too!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I hope you have the best first beach vacation ever! Tell Mommy and Daddy to enjoy!

  2. Have fun Jack - maybe we can hang out when you get back! Matthew

  3. Hi Jack,
    couldn't resist writing to you to let you know how much I am
    enjoying reading your blogs. You sure look like you are having
    so much fun with your friend Matthew.
    Your beach house is beautiful. Have lots of fun with Grandma &

  4. Have fun at the beach Jack!!!