Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ch Ch Ch Changes!

Wow, what a week it has been! All I can say is Change Change Change! Mommy went back to work this week and I started at my babysitter's house. He name is Wanda. I am happy to report that we both survived! Of course Mommy was really sad at the start of the week but got better and better as the week went on! The first day she dropped me off she was crying like a baby. I mean I was like "Come on Mommy, I am the baby...not you. I'm NOT crying!"But boy, she was SOOOOO happy to see me when she picked me up! Luckily she gets me around 3:00 so we still have some time together in the afternoon! Of course she misses me like crazy during the day (I overheard her telling someone that on the phone!) but she is really busy so the day flies by! One night Mommy had some school work to do so I helped her out...see!
Another change this week is that I had yogurt for the first time! It was pretty good. I still have to get use to it and everything, but all in all, I think I liked it. Mommy mixed it with some apples and I ate most of it up.
One other new thing I did this week is that I went to my first birthday party! It was fun!!! Mommy didn't let me have any cake but I did watch the birthday boy, Alex, enjoy his cake! Mommy thought I was giving Alex a kiss goodbye at the end of the party but I was really hoping for a leftover taste of icing!
~ drools and smiles...Jack xoxo


  1. HiJack - so happy that tou have found the time to blog again. Ch ch change is some times a good thing. I know your new friend Wanda will take really good care of you and you know what - Mommy has a day off from work soon and that's why it's so nice to have a Mommy who is a teacher. Of course you will be knowing your ABCs long before everyone else too.

    Hugs & Kisses,

  2. Jack, buddy, pal! We miss you! Hope to see you soon.