Monday, September 28, 2009

Long Time, No Blog!

Now that Mommy is working and I am spending my day at my friend Wanda's house, I don't have too much time to get on and blog. Sorry! When I do have some spare time I am usually chillin with Mommy, practicing my crawling, and trying to catch my pooch Murphy.

But here is a quick update:
I am crawling! (mostly doing the army crawl but I am rocking back and forth on all fours when I feel like it)
I am talking like crazy!
Sleeping...well still not sleeping through the night but am getting much better at napping.
Food...eating a pretty good amount at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and usually having a small yogurt and fruit snack late afternoon. I have not tried any new food lately but Mommy and I went to Whole Foods today and bought a whole bunch of new stuff to try. I think I will be having cauliflower, millet, eggplant, tofu, chicken, blueberries, quinoa, and kiwi in the near future!
~drools and smiles...Jack xoxo
Baby won't you drive my car? (I love this toy!)
It's very early...on my way to Wanda's! (Go Yanks!)

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  1. Jack I really miss you blogging, but I understand how busy you have been. It's not easy having to get up early every day and going to your friend Wanda's house. But a boy has to do what a boy has do! It's so nice that she is taking such good care of you. Mommy had you shopping the other day and boy are you such a good little guy. I don't know of many babies that would of sat and just watched Mommy shop. You are every Mommy's dream come true.