Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So my friend Matthew said he missed my blog updates...thanks man! To tell you the truth, I have really just been enjoying these last few LAZY, hazy, not-so-crazy days of summer with my Mommy. You know, she has to go back to work on Tuesday...the party is almost over! I will be spending my days with a nice lady that lives close to Mommy's school. It is really pretty good because Mommy will only be about 3 minutes away by car. Mommy still thinks it's too far though. I tell you, that woman can't get enough of me!

What exactly have I been doing these last days? Well, Sunday I had dinner at Matthew's house and yes, our mommies did dress us up alike. They kept saying how cute we looked and everything! Of course, many pictures were taken and I will put some up another time. I also have been spending some time at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We did a little shopping and visited my Great Grandma. Grandpa watched me this morning because Mommy had to have a root canal. I am going to be going back there for the weekend since Daddy will be busy at some tennis thing...I think it is called the US Open. Hey, maybe he will bring me back something???? (hint hint!) Also, Mommy has to start setting up her classroom. I heard her saying that school is a mess since the heating system was replaced. She is still not allowed in the building. I think she is a little stressed about it all. Oh well, at least it means she can spend more time with me for now. I do think she is going to spend a lot of time there though Friday and Saturday if she is allowed in! I will post some pictures later. ~ drools and smiles...Jack xoxo

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