Monday, June 22, 2009

Nap Interrupted

Is there anything worse than being woken from a nap when you are not quite ready to wake up? I didn't think so until today. Yup, there is something worse - being woken from a nap in a doctor's office! Not only that, waking up in a doctor's office only to have to have a vaccination...OUCH! I handled it like a champ though. I only cried a little and calmed down real quick. Let me tell you, I usually hate that pacifier thing. I mean really, I suck suck suck it and never get any milk. What's up with that? Boobies are definitely better!!! But when that needle thing makes its way toward my thigh that pacifier with sugar water on it really comes in handy. It actually makes me feel better! Well, here are my stats from my appointment.
Weight - 15 pounds 7 ounces (29th percentile)
Height - 26 inches (48th percentile)
Head Circumference - 17.2 inches (58th percentile)
I am doing perfectly (according to my doctor) and am going to start "real" food tomorrow. Mommy has mixed feeling about this. She just gets teary eyed every time she realizes I am not a newborn anymore. Relax Ma...I am still your little guy! Wow...I just realized I am pretty tired. I think I am going to get back to that nap! ZZZZ ~ drools and smiles... Jack xoxo

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